ebook (2)“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”– Mahatma Gandhi

Every one of us, without exception, has and ideal vision or image as to how our perfect life would be: expectations of a better social status, relationships which will fulfill us, meeting our ideal partner, achieving a greater connection with our current significant other, better health and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, most times those aspirations are not met, leaving us with a sensation of anxiety, sadness and ultimately a lowered self-esteem.

However, most of the times all of this can be prevented, and although not easy, it all comes down to a radical twist in our mindset.

The change you are willing to see in the outer world will only come from within. Only by accepting who you are and understanding what aspects of our life you need to work on should you be able to achieve a true transformation.

“Why don’t you change? What prevents you?” – Jiddu Krihnamurthi”

The greatest enemies in our path to a better and more fulfilling life are self-deceiving contentment, superficiality and laziness.

Of course your life does not need to be a struggle made up of constant effort and an endless series of obstacles to be overcome so that you become a better version of yourself. On the contrary, it comes from the understanding of what a better life means to you and what can you do to make it happen.

It is essential being aware of what prevents you from achieving your goals. Be serious about it: be active, take ownership of your actions and put yourself out there! But most importantly get rid of the excuses that stop you from becoming the person you want to be.

On Why Don’t You Change? You will find advice on how to achieve change in diverse areas of your life, including meditation, dieting and methods to improve your relationships along with self-development e-books.

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It’s your time, take a chance. Why don’t you change?


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  4. just read one of your articles about what successful people do and it says they don’t multitask because no one multi tasks successfully? Ever heard of a disease called ADD/ADHD? We happen to work best WHEN multitasking, look it up and do it quite successfully if i do say so myself and I know plenty of ADD business owners who keep their businesses running by virtue of multitasking because if WE try to focus on one thing at a time forget about it.

    • Hi Valerie,
      I do appreciate your reply. When I mean multitasking I refer to concentrating your efforts, actions and thoughts on more than one thing at once, when tackling one task you must be completely focused. However having many things running at the same time, and being organised about it is different. This does not prevent you from focusing your efforts 100% on what you are doing. There is a slight difference, but it lies in the concept of feeling occupied.

      You may know you have many stuff running, but by being organised and having a plan you do not need to do more than one thing at once. As a business owned, when possible (and I say only if possible) you should delegate the tasks and look at the bigger picture.

      This is what I meant. It is about focus, and never forgetting, but doing efficiently.

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