Bigger Picture: A Complete New Perspective

Bigger Picture


Do you ever lay out at night and gaze at the stars? It shows us how small we really are. You wonder how you have a place in such a vast, expansive universe.
When you consider this, you are thinking about the bigger picture.

When you focus on the big picture, your problems seem so small. But you’re still important because you are part of the universe and what you do has an effect on the whole. There are many reasons you should have this perspective on life.


Take Action Steps

Not looking at the bigger picture is a sure-fire way to encounter surprises that could send your vision to a screeching halt. If we wish to achieve a goal then we must first take small, actionable steps until that goal is achieved. In order to climb a mountain, we must do it one small step at a time. Have a larger vision in mind when you look at everything so that you can formulate what steps need to be taken in order for you to get where you want to be.


Removing Assumptions

Imagine someone put blinders on you. You are only able to look forward: look at the bigger picture. You can’t see what is beside, behind or above you. You’re assuming that what you see in front of you is all there is to your life. When you see your life this way, assuming this is all life has to offer, you are only looking at a small portion of the big picture.

Realize that when you assume something to be true, you could be missing out on the real truth. Assumptions lead to false beliefs and might steer you away from something that could benefit you in your life. If we want to ultimately see the big picture, we must dissolve our assumptions on many things.


Seeing how everything ties together

Human beings are inherently curious about the world around them and how everything fits together. Observing the bigger picture from a much broader perspective gives you the ability to connect the dots.
Think of it like a maze, there are certain tasks that are required of you in order to progress forward. Some directions you take will lead you to a dead end and some directions you take will lead you further into the maze. Although the maze is a bit daunting and scary at first you learn that it is something you must do in order to make it to the end. That is why you should always aim to look at the bigger picture.

When you are approaching a problem that you want to solve, consider how everything that has happened to you plays a role in the progression of your goal.  Even the smallest of actions could yield the largest results. Focus on what outcome you want and make strides towards bringing it into fruition through focusing on the bigger picture.



What is holding you back from living the dream of a lifetime? The chances for us to fail are very high, but that is because most people don’t push themselves to their fullest potential to be all they can be and always keep striving for more.

Determined action is required of you in order to succeed, but that alone will not be enough. Life, as far as you know, could take a turn any direction at any given moment. But this still begs the question, how will you be prepared for such events? The best way to face life is to understand what the overall goal and message is that you are trying to relay to people. Understanding your own goal will better help others connect with you, so that you can ultimately share the same goal.



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