Stop Lying to Yourself

Stop Lying to Yourself


Lying to yourself is something that most of us do on a daily basis. But what does it mean to lie to yourself? Wouldn’t you know you are lying to yourself? Does it mean that you boast about things you don’t truly believe or does it root much deeper than that?

The unwavering truth is that most of us lie in order to make excuses for ourselves. We all have a dream that we are capable of reaching, and if we have not achieved it, we make excuses for why we haven’t achieved it yet. This is something successful people avoid at all costs, but even them struggle with.


Making Excuses

What is easier: Facing the challenges that lie ahead, or making an excuse as to why you aren’t able to complete your goals?

Unfortunately, most people would rather take the easy way out and focus on all the reasons they can’t do something, or all the things that are holding them back. But the truth is that you should stop lying to yourself.

You might think that to stop lying to yourself is easy, but in fact it is very is tricky. It is something that we are all guilty of doing because we don’t want to view ourselves as lazy or uninspired. So instead, we think of every excuse under the sun to justify why we have not, or cannot, achieve success.

I Don’t Have Time

This is a common way around just about anything. The reason is because there are millions of things that our attention can be focused on. If we don’t accomplish the endeavors we set out to fulfill, the easiest way to comfort ourselves is by simply using the phrase “I don’t have time.”

Imagine if Steve Jobs said he didn’t have time to work on his dreams. Where would we be today without his innovations? There would be no iPhone, iPod, or Mac. Technologically, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Time management is an important key to success, so don’t waste time making excuses and stop lying, it does not help you.

I Don’t Feel Good

We all have our “off days”, but some like to refer to this excuse when they don’t feel like doing something. Devoting your focused attention on something is not easy, but what is easy is focusing on the negative things that are plaguing your life at the present moment (i.e. not feeling good). Sometimes you have to push through the pain to get where you want to be.

Not in the Mood

How do you get in the mood to be successful? It’s more of a mindset than anything. But to be in this mindset all of the time is very difficult. We often fall asunder to the curse of not being in the mood, and therefore we tell ourselves we will just work on it tomorrow, or the day, and so on. But nine times out of ten, it doesn’t end up getting done and our dreams are never accomplished. Stop lying to yourself, step up and be honest to your values!

I Have More Important Things to do

What is more important to you, being comfortable or focusing your energy on something that nobody has done before, and to lying to yourself is always the easy option, but not one that will lead you to success? The first one is easier for us, so we tend to put the things off that really are important, and distract ourselves with something else.

Putting Yourself Down

In life, there are more chances for us to fail than there are for us to succeed. So what we do to ourselves is focus on the belief that ‘we aren’t good enough’. We limit ourselves by thinking this way. However, this is not the case. We are ALL capable of success. The only thing you need to start achieving success is to stop lying and being honest with yourself.

Our ego doesn’t want us to reach success. It wants to keep us in a comfortable bubble that we call our comfort zone, and it wants us to stay there for the entirety of our lives. Don’t let your ego control YOU!

By putting yourself down, you are eliminating the possibility of ever reaching your dreams, because you are never satisfied with what you have. If you focus on all the things that are holding you back and are never willing to actually do anything about them, you will not achieve your goals. Instead, practice positive self-talk. Remind yourself ever day that you are more than capable of reaching your dreams!

What are you waiting for?

Remember, you are an amazing individual with unlimited opportunities for success. But success only comes to those who go after it with unyielding focus. Once your mindset becomes focused on something, that something becomes your reality. Stop lying to yourself about your situation, accept the things that are going on in your life and work through them. If you want to be successful in this life, you will have to stop lying  to yourself sooner than later. Then you will know you are capable of reaching your dreams, and you will make them happen! Mindset is everything.


What are you waiting for? Stop Lying to yourself and step towards a better and more productive life! the change starts now!

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