The 24/7 Positive Mindset


 For anyone who is struggling through life and not really sure  how to get themselves back on track, there are many things  that you need to consider that could be extremely useful to  you down the line. One of the most important aspects of being  able to change your life and actually get to that “next level” so  to speak is to deal with your mindset and your overall  mentality. If you spend a lot of your time down and wondering  when the next change and improvement in your life is going to  come from, it becomes a whole lot more difficult to actually  find that change – the location, usually, is within your own  mind!

Many of us hold ourselves back rather than anything else; a negative mindset, for example, is an easy way to shot productivity stone dead and stop ourselves from being able to carry out the things in life that we feel most attached to. This can be the main thing that holds someone back and will be an easy reason as to why some of us who seem destined for greatness just never succeed or progress in life. Put simply, they didn’t have the self-confidence of the positivity in their mind to actually come out of the other end and go do something about it.

The main thing about trying to maintain the 24/7 positive mindset that you need to think about is perspective. When you see something occur to you, it always seems a whole lot worse than when it happens to someone else. Do you know someone who has recently had their car break down? The chances are that when they told you, it wasn’t quite the earth-shattering problem that it seemed to be to them. When this happens to you, on the other hand, it becomes the biggest event of the year so far!

Being able to judge your perspective on certain things is a very big part of maintaining the 24/7 positive mindset. It becomes a whole lot easier to put things into the right mentality and the right viewpoint when you are taking a more positive outlook on life. If you constantly find yourself looking at an upcoming challenge as something that is simply going to be too hard for you, rather than a new problem to solve and something else to help you grow as a person, then you are simply looking at things the wrong way.

The only way to actually succeed in life is fairly simple; you need to be able to take hits. Life throws things us that will wind us, knock us down, beat us and even make us ask for submission and mercy! The problem is that most of us give in; what you need to do, though, is find a way of getting beyond this and putting yourself in the spotlight to actually take on these new challenges. When you start to get through them and make a genuine impact on your life, you will start to feel the spotlight is a little less blinding.

The 24/7 positive mindset, though, is to look at that spotlight – that challenge – as a great opportunity, an opportunity for development and success as a person as well as growth and personal change that will allow you to become a more rounded and experienced person. This is what you need to view everything that life possible has to throw at you with – a positive mentality, a chance at something new to experience in life!

Without this kind of thinking it becomes kind of impossible to help grow and change your life. It takes too much out of a negative person to ever be able to force a change in their life and make it happen for them – what has to be done, then, is a solution has to be concocted that will really make a big difference moving forward to your mindset. The next time you find yourself wincing at a challenge, why not try and embrace it a bit more? Not only is it less frightening, but you might find that the solution and the answer to that specific challenge is going to be far easier to actually find!

Being positive all the time is hard, but it’s hugely rewarding!

Carl Preston

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