The Comfort Zone: A Double Edged Sword

The Comfort Zone


The comfort zone got it’s name because it is just like it sounds, a mindset that we choose to reside in that fills us with a sense of comfort and security. But the problem with this is that even though we feel comfortable, it’s not getting us any closer to reaching success.

The reason is because in order to stay in the comfort zone requires us to remain complacent with where we are at along our life’s path. Therefore, we don’t extend beyond this bubble we have placed ourselves in and we aren’t able to reach our full potential as a result.



What Purpose Does Our Comfort Zone Serve?

Our comfort zone serves to keep us comfortable and to settle with what we already have, which reduces our stress and anxiety levels greatly.

So if our comfort zone keeps us from stressing too much and becoming too anxious, why is it bad to stay there?

Being in the comfort zone elicits a certain level of stability within ourselves, which keeps us calm and satisfied. It allows us to progress through our lives without the need for much change.

We need to reach outside our comfort zone, because if we stay in our comfort zone, we set a ceiling for our capabilities. Once we reach that ceiling, our growth stops and we settle with what we have already accomplished. We convince ourselves that we achieved a lot, and that we are doing the right thing. So we live with this mindset until we are forced to change our situation.

Many times, we will begin working a job or a task, and over time, we become good at it. Most would assume that since they are good at it, they should continue pursuing this thing. But if this task is not promoting inner growth, something must be changed.

Life contains a vast array of information and knowledge that we all have access to if we choose to seek it out. Therefore, by eliminating the drive to want to learn and try out new things, we are stunting our growth and keeping ourselves from possibly discovering our true purpose. Take up new habits and thrive towards finding your potential and true success.

Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

In order for you to step outside of your comfort zone, you must be willing to make a change in your life. We can remain in this place for the rest of our lives, but if we choose to do that, we are missing out on reaching success.

When we discover something that we are good at, we typically like to focus on that because the skill brings us a certain level of satisfaction that makes us happy and causes us to become more passionate about it as a result.

There is a reason we are good at things, so therefore we should expand upon those. In order for us to reach the level of success that we want requires us to go above and beyond what our comfort level permits. Stop lying to yourself. It requires us to step outside of our current comfort zone and allow that bubble to expand.


Being in our comfort zone is a double-edged sword, because it makes us feel comfortable and safe, but at the same time, halts our ability to grow and expand. Along our journey, we have the choice to either settle in our comfort zone and live a life without growth, or step outside and find our true purpose.

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