Asking Advice: A powerful tool

Asking Advice

Asking  advice is a powerful tool to help you with your growth. Along the growing process, you will encounter problems that you don’t always have the answers to. The information is out there, but sometimes the time it takes to find the answer is not worth the amount of effort put into seeking it. That is where advice comes in handy.




Asking advice and guidance is something that we can all benefit from. The advice of others is crucial in your development because it not only gives you a different perspective on things, but other people could offer just the advice that you are looking for.

In life, we experience many struggles but those struggles made us the person we are today. Oftentimes, we will experience similar struggles that other people have been through, therefore asking  advice is a always a good call. Others who have been through these same struggles can offer their experience to you, therefore through asking advice you can have a better idea of what path you will ahve to follow.

Even if someone is unable to give you the exact advice you’re looking for, it may still help to talk to someone about your struggles. By talking about your struggles, you are getting everything out on the table, which will allow you to see more clearly what you need to do to help yourself through your problems.

They’ve been where you are before, so why not get a firsthand tip on how to overcome it? We are all at different stages in our lives. You wouldn’t compare a third grader to someone who is in college. They are at very different stages in their lives. The main objective of seeking advice is to utilize the knowledge others have obtained to advance you along your path.


If you don’t seek advice, you might lead a life that is not meant for you. Meaning, you wind up stumbling down the wrong direction and doing something that doesn’t truly suit you. When that happens, you will live a life with a void in your heart because your dream was not fulfilled.



Sometimes the asking  advice itself isn’t always what gets us where we need to be. The thing we might be in need of is just a little support and encouragement from others to keep our heads up.

The mere act of asking advice could offer you much more than the advice itself. When you ask someone for advice, you are in-turn asking  his or her opinion on the matter. Advice is important to have, but most people that give advice will also lend a hand of support to you in order to kick start you on the right path.

Picture this, you go to your parents asking career advice. You are torn between studying the complexities of the human brain for neurology and an innovative career as an engineer. Your parents offer you personal experiences on why you should go one way or another. The conversation shifts and before you know it you are talking about transferring schools.

Sometimes when you ask for advice on one thing, you receive advice on many other things that you didn’t even know you had a problem with. This is one reason why asking advice is a big step in achieving your goals.

Motivation is not always easy to come by. When someone motivates us, it fills us with a sense of passion and determination that we need in order to pursue our goals. A lot of people are willing to help you, but you must seek out their assistance; they can’t read your mind.

This could also lead you to new connections that will help you along your journey. The person you are coming to for advice might want to join your mission and be a part of it. They might lead you to a new opportunity that you would have otherwise missed.



Keep an open mind when asking advice, because you never know where it will get you. The number of options that are at your disposal are virtually endless. Therefore, how can you know what is the right and wrong choice? When asking advice, you might receive much more than what you initially bargained for. Successful people don’t fear asking advice, because advice is essential if we want to make the most of our time and live our dreams as soon as possible.



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  1. An interesting post, Carl, but I’d add: you don’t have to follow advice, just because you’ve asked for it – even if it’s good advice. Always reserve the right to make your own decisions and be prepared to take the risk that going against others’ advice might be wrong. It also might be right!

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